Virtual Online Counseling

Virtual Online Counseling

Are you looking for a Christian counselor, but there’s no one in your area or within a convenient distance from where you live? Is there another reason you’re unable to come into the office for a visit? If so, our counselors can help! Our therapists are pleased to offer virtual online counseling for our current clients, as well as for new clients. All counselors on our team are Telemental Health trained and certified to provide confidential, high-quality online counseling sessions to meet your needs.

What is Virtual Online Counseling?

Online counseling or therapy is also known as telemental health or one of several other terms. You may hear it referred to as virtual counseling, online therapy, web-based counseling, remote therapy sessions or another descriptive term. All of these basically mean the same thing – a situation where the therapist provides counseling and support over the internet through email, video conferencing, online chat, or a phone call.

Three Benefits of Online Counseling


Almost everyone has access to a computer, tablet, or phone and is able to schedule an online counseling session. We use one of several different apps so no matter what type of system you use, we can communicate well. Your therapist will work with you to get all the details agreed upon and set up prior to your appointment. You can even schedule a “test session” prior to your actual appointment so that no counseling time is lost.


Creating a private place for your meeting will allow you to control the situation. You may schedule a time to meet when you are alone and in a space where you know there will be no distractions. We also offer counseling sessions that are HIPAA compliant. Everything is completely confidential, just as it would be if you were in the office with your therapist.

Ongoing Support

Life gets busy, unexpected meetings get scheduled, kids get sick – life happens. These things need not cause you to have to miss a scheduled appointment. You’ll be able to easily schedule an online counseling session at a time that is convenient.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Session

  1. Set up for your session in a private space with limited distractions. Your car might be a good option.
  2. Reduce other activity on your internet so the video quality is at its best.
  3. Online counseling may work better on a laptop or desktop computer.
  4. It is recommended, but not required, to use earbuds and a microphone for less outside noise and privacy.
  5. You always have the option for a phone session if you feel that you need to move to a more remote location.
  6. Be on time. Our attendance policies are the same for online counseling or in-person sessions.  If you need to cancel or reschedule please let your therapist know 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation charges.

We will be actively monitoring our policies as needed. Our main goal is to make sure that everyone stays healthy and on track with their mental health. We remain available to answer your questions and support you as well as we possibly can.