We offer services to deal with your urgent crisis whether this includes bullying, suicidal thoughts, self-harm or another specific event that just happened.  We recognize that these are frightening discoveries and it’s hard to know what to do right away.

We offer counseling for individuals struggling with:

  • Self-Harm Issues
  • Suicidal Actions or Thoughts
  • Reacting to a Recent Tragic Event
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Physical Violence (Witness or Victim)
  • Divorce
  • General Abuse – Physical or Sexual


We understand the complicated circumstances surrounding your child’s potential vulnerability at school and/or camp, in their neighborhood, and even online with cyber-bullying.  Sometimes once one bad thing happens it feels like they can’t break away and find a safe place.

At Restore Counseling Center we want to be that safe place and we want to teach them how to deal with these experiences.  We work with teens to help them recognize the hard places where others have taken advantage of them and build skills of self-confidence, boundaries and other positive relationships.

We also understand that teasing, social alienation, and general mean-spiritedness will never fully be eliminated from our Chester County communities and schools even with administrative, teacher, and/or parental involvement.  Our services, however, provide your children with the tools and renewed sense of self-confidence that can and will help them overcome whatever continued or new obstacle school or the neighborhood throws their way.