Marital and Infidelity Issues

Marital and Infidelity Issues

There are few things more emotionally painful than to be in conflict with someone you care about. This is especially true of couples.

Disagreements are a normal part of any significant relationship. In fact, disagreements are natural opportunities to grow beyond our individual perspectives and selfishness toward a deeper connection with our spouse.

Sadly, many couples get stuck in destructive patterns of conflict. Unchanged, these patterns crack and then crush the relationship’s foundation leading to painful experiences of anger, bitterness, fear, aloneness and hopelessness.

Sometimes the pain is the result of betrayal. The secure rock of trust is blasted by deception and relational treachery. Restoration seems impossible.

There are many topics couples bring to counseling: communication problems; workaholism; economic hardships; pornography; terminal illness; emotional, physical and sexual abuse; addictive patterns; infidelity; military deployment; and blended family stresses. Marital struggles range from occasional tensions and disagreements to despair about saving the relationship. 

Whatever your level of conflict, experienced professionals can wisely guide you to find hope, feel connected, rebuild respect, trust and security. Treatment includes learning new strategies, reading or listening to books and practicing skills learned in counseling. Whether you need help with occasional tensions and disagreements, chronic patterns of conflict or hopelessness, talk to a professional. Your relationship is worth it!

The therapists at Restore Counseling Center will partner with you as you work to change the patterns and heal the wounds in your relationship.