Our Mission

The mission of Restore Counseling Center is to provide Christ-centered counseling services and life-skills training to individuals, families, the church body, and our community.

We are committed to developing solutions with our clients to address their physical, personal, and spiritual wellbeing. We look to Christ as our model, relying on Holy Spirit’s guidance and power to bring about transformed hearts and renewed hope for the glory of God.

We exist because the churches of our communities are often unable, in financial or staff terms, to meet the needs of those experiencing psychological, emotional, family, and marital stress; specifically, most churches are unable to provide ongoing professional therapeutic help. We believe that God would have the church provide for these needs within the context of a Christian organization dedicated to and accountable to the mission and ministry of the local churches. We are striving to meet these needs in ways which support and assist the churches of our community and are, at the same time, both biblically and professionally responsible.

We seek to minister in the following ways:

1. By providing professional Psychotherapy, rooted in biblical truth and ethics, to the individuals and families of our community.

2. By developing and leading workshops and seminars in our community which are preventive and strengthening to individuals, the families, and the churches of our communities

3. By supporting and being accountable to the business, professional personnel, and local churches and maintaining regular contact with those who make up our referral base and make use of our ministry.

4. By providing professional training opportunities and programs for those who desire to enter into professional counseling as a career.

5. By helping individuals, couples, families, and our community heal from unimaginable and generational trauma.

6. By raising the image of the Christian community as we provide teaching, consulting, and other services to the professional community, including medical, legal, and mental health sectors.