Jonathan, MSW


Connection.  Relationships and connections unavoidably shape our lives.  Positive connections between God and other people shape our thoughts and behavior, provide fulfillment, and teach us more about ourselves.  Broken connections and relationships significantly impact our development and can create wounds that take time to heal.  Therapy provides an opportunity to create positive connection and the ability to learn how our lives have been shaped by our upbringing and circumstances. This allows us to change our present for the better

.Jonathan is a masters level intern with Restore Counseling Center.  He currently holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Liberty University and will graduate from Lancaster Bible College with his Masters in Social Work in August of 2023.  Jonathan has experience working in Child Welfare, and previous internship experience doing anti-trafficking work in Pisa, Italy with Operation Mobilization.  Jonathan has experience in writing for churches, as well as a re-entry curriculum for those coming out of trafficking while in Pisa.  Jonathan is passionate about helping people through significant life change, and takes a holistic approach by examining the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors that make up individual life experiences. In his spare time, Jonathan likes to write, play video games, spend time with friends and family, travel, and rest.