Karen, M.A., LPC, Clinical Supervisor

Healthy. Being healthy is a life-long journey we all need to actively pursue.  Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves work in harmony to make up who we are as a whole person.  When we are physically ill, we often feel emotionally unwell.   When we are mentally troubled, we often don’t feel “right” in our souls.   I believe when we strive for a healthy well-being, our relationships are better, our sense of self is affirmed and our hearts are content no matter life’s circumstance.  Therapy can be helpful in shedding unhealthy patterns and aspects of ourselves and in promoting and supporting a healthier well-being.

Karen graduated with a BA in Psychology and a BA in Religion from the University of Richmond in 1991.  She did her graduate studies at Regent University, obtaining a Master of Arts in counseling in 1994.  After working several years in a community mental health setting, she focused her therapy working with people with co-occurring disorders and obtained her license in the state of Pennsylvania in 2008.  In 2014, she received her Co-occurring Professional Disorders Professional Diplomate certification and DDAP Supervision Certification.   She also has extensive trauma training and obtained a Trauma-Informed Certification in 2016.  Karen is the Clinical Supervisor for Restore Counseling Center. She has a daughter and 4 cats at home. She enjoys reading, traveling, horse-back riding and being outside in nature.   The beach is her “happy place”.