God Says

You are LOVED.

You are WORTHY.


You are ENOUGH.

You are BLESSED.

You are KNOWN.

Are you feeling lost in the world today? Almost as if you could walk down a crowded street and no one would see you.

It is easy to live each day feeling as if you don’t belong. Perhaps you are in a season of life feeling left out, unheard. In these seasons it is vital to not listen to the lies we tell ourselves. The enemy is very sneaky at making you think you are less than. We can tend to withdraw and isolate ourselves. This my friend is exactly what the enemy wants. Sitting all alone, we our left stuck in our own thoughts. With no one around we feel forgotten. I promise you that your heavenly creator has not and will not forget about you. When we get caught up in our own thoughts it can be hard to hear God when he is speaking.

Let’s focus on getting out of from our thoughts. So how do we break the cycle of believing the lies about ourselves? I want you to back each lie up with a TRUTH. God’s TRUTH is found in his word (PDF available).

I can’t figure it outI will direct your stepsProverbs 3:5-6
I’m too tiredI will give you restMatt. 11:28-30
It’s impossibleAll things are possibleLuke 18:27
Nobody loves meGod Loves youJohn 3:16
I can’t forgive myselfI forgive youRoman 8:1
It’s not worth itIt will be worth itRomans 8:28
I’m not smart enoughI will give you wisdom1 Cor. 1:30
I’m not ableI am able2 Cor. 9:8
I can’t go onMy grace is sufficient2 Cor 12:9
I can’t do it.You can do all thingsPhil. 4:13
I have notI will supply all needsPhil. 4:19
I’m afraidI have not given you fear2 Tim. 1:7
I feel aloneI will never leave youHebrews 13:5