Brisa, Intern


Patience. To explain my word I’ll use an art analogy; if you put a ceramic pot in the kiln as soon as you make it, it will explode and damage the other pots in the kiln along with it. You need to wait for it to dry completely before it is put in the kiln. How long will it take to dry? It depends on the type of clay. Similar to the patience required in the art of pottery, patience is also required to heal. I have learned from past experiences the damage that can be done when someone’s road to healing is rushed. So whether it takes 2 months or 2 years, I will be there through it all, providing a safe and judgement free space.

I will be graduating this year with my BA in psychology from Cairn University and will then get my MS in Counseling. I enjoy eating good food with friends, dancing in the rain, riding horses, traveling, and being in God’s creation